Lucid dreaming is about exerting conscious control over the outcomes of one’s dreams. The therapeutic value (such as helping children combat their night terrors) of lucid dreaming is just beginning to be explored. This narrated lesson provides strategies and mental training exercises to help learners learn to lucid dream.

Work description:
End-to-end implementation of an original, experiential oriented lesson set in a virtual world (Second Life), including lesson design, content development, social bookmarking, virtual world implementation, videography and editing

Learner target:
Anyone interested in learning how to lucid dream

Technology employed:
Second Life, Camtasia Studio, Keynote, Pearltrees (resources), YouTube

Theoretical foundations:
A virtual world allows students to not just learn about a subject but to actually experience it. In Second Life, students can feel what it’s like to have a failed reality check (a key precursor to going lucid) or even what it’s like to fly in one’s dreams (a favorite lucid dreamer activity).