Educational video game

Bite into my Scratch game: Prime Feeding Time

Prime Feeding Time (PFT) is an educational game regarding prime numbers that was developed in conjunction with my re-design plan for Study Island as an example of relevant gamification. See a screen capture video of PFT.

Work description:
Lesson design, creative execution and Scratch programming

Learner target:
Late elementary level math students

Technology employed:
Scratch (programming), YouTube, Jamendo (music)

Theoretical foundations:
Prime Feeding Time is designed to reinforce conceptual knowledge (“what is a prime number?”) and provide computational practice (procedural knowledge). A video game was chosen as the instructional strategy to encourage greater student practice. Development was also motivated by the misguided games employed by the standardized test prep site, Study Island. Their games are unrelated to the subject being taught; it’s strictly game playing as extrinsic reward. Read more about the game elements of Prime Feeding Time or see the game below.