scav imageOverview:
Given the increasingly visual orientation of communication in our culture, a working knowledge of creative commons licensing is a crucial 21st century intelligence. This Creative Commons lesson seeks to provide the licensing knowledge and practice needed to responsibly source images (and other media).

Work description:
HTML/CSS responsive webpage(s) design, scavenger hunt question (and worksheet) development and relevant image sourcing

Learner target:
Anyone who sources media from the Internet for use in academic or professional projects

Technology employed:
Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flickr, Google Docs

Theoretical foundations:
One of the key challenges with communicating policies and regulations is that learners don’t really pay attention. We have trained them to believe such communications will be dry, one-way conversations. A scavenger hunt, however, requires the learner to be an active participant and provides a goal orientation, thus promoting greater engagement and deeper learning. In this case, the learner is “hunting” for information about Creative Commons licenses that will allow them to answer specific questions (and in the process, understand key licensing concepts). To deepen lesson understanding, the final task requires learners to seek out relevant images on Flickr for two specific usage scenarios (a personal blog post and a commercial advertisement).