Fictional NeuroTech

Transhumanist issues brought to life at Victor NeuroTech

Ad for fictional Victor NeuroTech product "kick in your own adrenaline"To educate and promote debate of the underlying transhumanist (the merging of man and machine) issues in Lafayette College’s multi-venue theatrical production of Frankenstein 2029, a fictional neurotech company & a grassroots protest group (SAViN) were formed and promoted. Funded by a Mellon Foundation Grant.

Work description:
WordPress site development (Victor NeuroTech, SAViN, and Frankenstein 2029), marketing and advertising campaign design, social media marketing, copywriting, e-zine creation (social bookmarking), event planning, media relations

Opening screen of Society Against Victor NeuroTech (SAViN) websiteLearner audience:
Lafayette College students, staff & faculty + local college community

Technology employed:
Facebook, Fireworks, Flickr, Google+, Iconion, Pixlr, SoundCloud, ThingLink, Twitter, Twitter Fontana, WordPress (&, YouTube

Theoretical foundations:
Lave’s theory of situated learning is at the heart of Victor NeuroTech (& SAViN). Communities of practice were invented to spark interest, enable legitimate peripheral participation and trigger social learning about transhumanist issues (as well as promote a performance).