EdTech Workshop Presentation

Explore the pedagogical possibilities of VoiceThread!

VoiceThread Presentation Visual: a political cartoonOverview:
A 20-minute faculty workshop presentation on innovative educational technology applications. To introduce VoiceThread, an alternative to text based discussions, I created & presented this VoiceThread (rather than a slideshow).

Work description:
Identification of best-in-class examples and tutorial resources, screenshot video creation and editing, VoiceThread creation

Learner audience:
Instructors in a higher ed environment

Technology employed:
Camtasia, Google Slides, VoiceThread

Theoretical foundations:
A core belief of my constructivist and connectivist pedagogy is to lead by example. A short EdTech workshop is likely inappropriate for step-by-step instruction. My general approach is to excite learners about pedagogical applications, convey ease of use and then direct them to more detailed resources that allow them to teach themselves (and their peers!)