A multimedia poster (or glog) highlighting the key elements of 21st century learning

Work description:
Concept research and distillation (to create poster headings), resource identification and poster design

Learner target:
Instructional and educational technology professionals

Technology employed:
Glogster, Pixabay, Creative Commons

Theoretical foundations:
I thought a Glog was an ideal medium to express the idea of 21st century learning as itself reflects so many of the concepts (i.e., technology enabled, radical personalization, student centered, interconnected, anytime learning, classroom as concept, etc.)

That said, this glog presented both design and communication challenges. I now certainly understand why synthesis sits above analysis in Bloom’s taxonomy. Synthesizing everything I read about the 21st century classroom into a reasonable number of distinct categories was very time consuming, as was trying to express those categories in catchy but telegraphic terms and associated meaningful illustrations. The design challenge was even greater. With the freedom of an empty, gridless canvas and a full media palette comes the potential for creating something really cool or really chaotic. My first draft was a recipe for cognitive overload. I had to revisit my CRAP principles to re-establish order. Look beyond the slanted type and you’ll see that a consistent icon and color palate is utilized (REPETITION). A light colored canvas is used to create CONTRAST with the green, black, blue and red type. Headings are ALIGNED based on outside edges. And icons are placed in close PROXIMITY of the headings they illustrate.