Digital guide: web identity management

Learn how to optimize your digital footprint (Prezi)

Colleagues and potential employers construct stories about you based on what they turn up in web searches. This multimedia presentation provides ten strategies for managing your web presence and making sure the you they find is telling the right story.

Work description:
Web research, custom “feetprint” Prezi template creation, image sourcing, presentation development

Learner target:
Anyone who leverages social media or utilizes the Internet in their personal and/or professional practices

Technology employed:
Prezi, Flickr, Fireworks

Theoretical foundations:
Effective media utilization is about optimally matching instructional content to instructional media. While a traditional slide presentation or E-zine could’ve been used to chunk content and inject visual interest and levity in a similar way, only a Prezi allows for the use of a visual metaphor. My “feetprint” metaphor also reinforces the notion of ten strategies. In this way, using a prezi not only commands greater attention but maximizes memorability.

Also check out my Poll Everywhere Prezi built around the metaphor of a light bulb.

Practicing what I preach:
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