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Reworkings of master’s program favorites plus fresh takes

Infuse your instructional design with narrative superpowers!

When it comes to instructional design, words are an increasingly devalued currency. Bullet point speak rules the LMS land with dwindling learner attention spans and the advent of text and Twitter speak cited as justification.

But there’s a dark secret … Read More

About the new math. And misleading article titles.

The article in question (penned by Elizabeth Green) was the cover story of the July 27th edition of the New York Times Magazine bearing the title “Q: Why does everyone hate the new math?” (subtitle: “A: because no one understands it, … Read More

What’s the problem with Study Island?

As if there was just one. What we’re talking about here is the widely utilized standardized test preparation site, Study Island. Based on the many conversations I have had and overheard, Study Island has pulled off the rare triple play … Read More

My favorite EdTech image

Yea, I know what you’re thinking…

It’s an excel graph, dude. And not even a particularly attractive one at that. Time to get a life, data geek.

I will readily cop to that moniker as I have spent much … Read More

The digital generation: criticisms, realities & educational implications

(note: version of this post was published in my BSU Edtech learning log 2/4/14)

Today’s learners are fundamentally different than their parents because of the technological environment in which they have been raised. Their expectations are different. Their skill sets … Read More

The lure of Lumosity (an instructional design lens)

I’m not a big-time video gamer. Partly out of necessity. With the right game, I’m the kind of guy who could lose 5 or 6 hours. Or a winter break. But I am all over the “brain gaming” service, Lumosity. … Read More